Mar 4, 2015

Aotearoa -
The Land of the long White Cloud


Green mountains. Sheep everywhere. Active volcanos. Breathtaking fiords. Mount Doom. Beautiful beaches. Pancake Rocks. Glowworm caves. Bungee Jumping. Plenty of waterfalls. Hobbiton. Fish n Chips. Palm trees and ferns. Lovely Kiwis. And kiwi birds. And kiwifruit.

What place is it I'm describing here?

Right – the beautiful and unique New Zealand, the country that is famous for Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and of course Xena: Warrior Princess. The place with the most stunning sunsets and the prettiest night sky I ever saw.

This is what my first blog series will be about. As this country has SO much to offer and I have been spending almost a year backpacking in Downunder, I would love to share the greatest sites and aspects of this tremendous place.

It’s rather hard managing to put it all into blog entries, so I decided to split everything into categories instead of regions. So you can see from the title of each post if it will be interesting for you :)
I will write about the beautiful nature of New Zealand, it’s cities, animals and farm life, art & architecture, food, hostels, backpacking life, events and more.

Aotearoa, as in the title, is the Maori name for New Zealand and is roughly translated as “The Land of the long White Cloud”.
Maori are the indigenous people of NZ – many city and street names are still in Maori language, but it’s not really spoken much. The kids do learn it at school though. I really like that language and would love to make some effort to learn it a bit better.
By the way, there is the “Maori Language Week” when on TV they will show only the Maori names of all the cities and towns in the weather news, it’s pretty hard to know which city/town is which then :D

The topic of the first post of this series will be cities. Here’s a small preview:

So, has anyone been to NZ yet and wants to share their impressions? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!


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